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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia continues to lead by example in the energy efficiency sector. Following a Royal decree issued recently urging all government entities to contract an exclusive Super ESCO much like its Dubai counterpart Etihad Esco, Saudi aims to improve energy efficiency and savings across all commercial and public buildings.

Saudi Arabia’s Super Esco will fund and manage the Kingdom’s retrofit and energy efficiency programme and represent 70% of the projects in the sector. Additionally, it has been stated by Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund that the Super Esco has the capitalization of US$ 510,000 – project under the Super Esco will help reduce spending in the electricity sector and support expansion projects for future production, generation, T&D of electricity as the population of the Kingdom continues to grow.

RetrofitTech KSA 2018 will once again highlight on the high-level the plans for developing energy-efficiency programmes and plans to implement projects that will ensure less energy and water consumption in building, to enable government to reduce the power capacity they will need in the future years.

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What’s new in 2018?

Did you know?
  • Saudi Arabia begins transition to greater energy productivity with the recently announced Royal Decree
  • The detailed roadmap for reducing of between $500 million and $10.5 billion per year in energy bills, depending on electricity prices.
  • Saudi Arabia’s steps taken and plans to introduce ratings codes for new buildings
  • Pinpointing critical financial models and providing further understanding of how finance model works
  • Showcase of live examples tied to specific and potential savings that can be gained through a retrofit
  • Delivering the right business case for buy-in among senior managers and building owners to sign-off a retrofit


Why you should attend?

  • Saudi Arabia’s energy consumption in buildings has grown by 16%  - therefore solid opportunities for the retrofit tech market
  • Projects in Saudi Arabia’s energy efficiency sector have an estimated value of SR42 billion, or around SR3 billion annually.
  • Internationally, the retrofit sector is valued at SR130 billion, with projects in the US, Europe, and China accounting for 90 percent of the global market share.
  • 51% of the of electricity produced in Saudi Arabia is consumed in the residential sector – this is a huge opportunity for retrofitting of lighting, cooling and water
  • 15% of energy is consumed by government and 14% by the commercial sector

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