About RetrofitTech KSA

The event will provide an industry update on the Kingdom’s energy efficiency programme and bring the region to speak about their experiences through knowledge sharing and development programmes. The event will be the platform for both KSA government and private sector leaders to showcase the work they have done to reduce energy intensity growth through policy change, implementation of energy management services and how technology and innovation can help achieve the desired energy reduction goals.

It has been reported that energy consumption in buildings in the Kingdom has increased sharply during the last two decades due to rapid economic development. An estimated 73% of the electric energy generated in Saudi Arabia is used for operating buildings and 65% of this energy is consumed by air conditioning. Peak loads are expected to approach 60GW by 2023 and the total investment needed to meet this demand may exceed $90 billion.

Core themes will be:

  • Roadmap to building a sustainable and energy efficient Saudi Arabia in line with Kingdom Vision 2030
  • Assessing the implementation of Saudi energy efficient program
  • The detailed strategy for reducing of between $500 million and $10.5 billion per year in energy bills, depending on electricity prices.
  • Presenting performance principles for all new and existing buildings to optimize the use of energy-efficient systems
  • The Future of Smart and sustainable lighting for new built projects
  • Pinpointing critical financial models and providing further understanding of how finance model works
  • Showcase of live examples tied to specific and potential savings that can be gained through a retrofit
  • How smart technology and innovation can deliver greater results in retrofitting
  • Delivering the right business case for buy-in among senior managers and building owners to sign-off a retrofit