Topic Highlights

The agenda will cover key areas including:

  • Roadmap to building a sustainable and energy efficient Saudi Arabia in line with Kingdom Vision 2030
  • Assessing the implementation of Saudi energy efficient program
  • Saudi energy efficiency standards and regulation and labelling of products and market impact
  • The detailed strategy for reducing of between $500 million and $10.5 billion per year in energy bills, depending on electricity prices.
  • Presenting performance principles for all new and existing buildings to optimize the use of energy-efficient systems
  • Overview of Saudi’s demand-side programme
  • The Future of Smart and sustainable lighting for new built projects
  • Pinpointing critical financial models and providing further understanding of how finance model works
  • Showcase of live examples tied to specific and potential savings that can be gained through a retrofit
  • How smart technology and innovation can deliver greater results in retrofitting
  • Delivering the right business case for buy-in among senior managers and building owners to sign-off a retrofit